30 July, 2011

Remembering the diary: Firsts days

Well, at last I come to write something which is to understand for many of my friends. I hope you apologise me that most of this blog is written in catalan or spanish, but nowadays with google translate or something similar it is easy to catch up the idea of what is written.

The first days of this amazing trip were full of different emotions, just as the weather. I was delaying my start in order to catch good weather, but somehow I started when the rain was more intensive. Although the first day did not rain as much, the abrupt imposition of this new lifestyle, and its consequences kept me pretty much awake and with lots of thinking, learning how to deal with all these new things and learn how to make some of them more efficient. For example, I was carrying too much material, so that I had to leave a lot of stuff behind. What I missed most were my shoes. Now I understand Tom hanks in Cast Away.

However, I could not stop smiling as I finally started what I was seeking for so long. I remember the feeling of some kind of freedom, being aware that I have little, and that therefore I have everything and I can go anywhere, everywhere. A huge channel of the universe was opened with no distractions or obstructions between, so that all the casualties and coincidences that life has to offer can be from this moment listened and assumed. It is definitely a beautifully experience which is not to be an exception, something sporadic, but a rule for life.

Dark and long caves, quite coves, incredible inlets. The french part (Catalunya Nord) of the "Costa Brava" is full of nice corners everywhere. I did not want to miss any of them.

Even with rain I could not stop paddling till getting to Llança on my third day.  Entering this cave I got really frightened when something came out of the bottom with light and making noise. It was a german diver! I pulled him out of there and brought him to the beach. Jürgen is one of the persons that I have met so far, which is more passionate about the sea and what is to find in it. And he knows very well how to document it taking pictures and videos of it.

We had some beer together with her wife Marja, in order to not lose the good german traditions, and told me amazing stories about their life, and how they are spending their time of retirement. Hopefully I will meet them someday in Baja California so that they can show me the nice corners of such coast.

This same afternoon it stopped raining and the sun shined, which was definitely an inflection point.

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